Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009:
  1. The Huffington Post continues with its undignified attempts at traditional Jewish folkdancing (invented in 1952 by an Eastern-European choreographer who no doubt stole all the moves from the Palestinians), all at the whip of its Jewish financiers, but until they turn the comments off, it isn't going to work.
  2. David Irving's very partial list of links referring to Israel's involvement in the global narcotics and ecstasy trade.
  3. The Jewish attempt to queer the Toronto Pride parade backfired. The Jews haven't yet come to grips with 'post-Gaza syndrome'.
  4. The mystery of why Juan Cole outed himself as a full-fledged neocon is solved. He's Baha'i, and he presumably hoped to help his supposedly oppressed coreligionists in Iran by shilling for the coup plotters. If Juan Cole stopped blogging - and stopped spending every second word telling us what an expert he is - I wouldn't miss him at all, but I will miss Moon of Alabama (and I hope b posts comments somewhere).
  5. Jefferson Morley's continuing saga of attempting to have the CIA obey the law and direct court orders requiring it to release information concerning its agent George Joannides and the assassination of JFK. Is there a judge brave enough to put Leon Panetta in jail until the CIA coughs up the records?
  6. Another successful divestment story. Shareholders of companies losing huge contracts because they refuse to stop dealing with Israel should start suing the officers and directors of such companies for failing to meet their fiduciary obligations. Tribal obligations don't trump duties to the company and its shareholders.
  7. The attempted coup in Iran taught us to put such notables as Juan Cole, Robert Dreyfuss, and even Al Giordano on the permanent blacklist as either idiots or American imperialists (same thing, come to think about it), but Robert Perry comes through with some deep analysis.
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