Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Springtime for Hitler

Poor old Adolf has been the victim of the biggest propaganda campaign in history. The fact that the political descendants of the 'winners' have turned out to be such losers, along with the misuse of the holocaust to allow Jews to kill people and steal their land, has led to the hipster rehabilitation of Hitler. If you look at the series of YouTube videos featuring Bruno Ganz as Hitler with hilarious subtitles, who does Hitler represent? The common man frustrated and screwed by big corporations. Nikon makes essentially the same quality of camera as Canon and Sony, but charges $5,000 more for it. Apple makes a big to-do about a new iPod Touch and fails to put a camera in it. "Did he get a fucking brain transplant too?" Hitler is now the spokesman for everybody, betrayed by those entrusted to do the right thing.

It is now fashionable to come up with alternative explanations for WWII that don't put all the blame on the Germans. Here's Eric Margolis coming perilously close to endorsing one of the more controversial theories, that Stalin tricked Hitler into war, assuming Germany would lose and the Soviets would pick up the pieces of Europe (see the thread here, and see the second comment to the Margolis posting, by 'Eagleone'). David Irving thinks that Hitler was duped by his subordinates about what was being done to the Jews. Again, Hitler betrayed by those he trusted. Adolf Hitler, the new Everyman.
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