Friday, September 25, 2009

Things are looking up all over

Things are looking up all over.

The usual suspects - IMF! - are unsure which horse to back in Honduras, terrified of picking the wrong one and losing money. My money is on the elected president, as you can't run businesses in a country if everybody is on strike. I'm firmly against the death penalty, but if the people of Honduras decide to hold a necktie party for the coup plotters and their helpers, I won't shed any tears.

The lite Zionists are spinning the settlement freeze issue as a big win for Bibi over Barry, which is what you'd expect from supremacists. Actually, it is the best thing that has happened in the Middle East in years, and is the start of a rapid beginning of the end for the Jewish supremacist state. The Americans gave the Jews one last chance. Had they accepted the freeze, Obama would have imposed a phony statelet on the Palestinians from the broken bits of land that remained, a complete disaster. Now the single, Palestinian-dominated state is the only possibility. All moral and decent people are breathing a sigh of relief. Within ten years, the Palestinian flag will fly over the entire country, and the Jews have only themselves to blame for the end of Anti-Assimilation Land.

The Chief Justice of Canada just gave the most clearly anti-Semitic speech in the history of Canada from a Chief Justice, saying the 'war on terror' - the phony war created by the Jews so they could kill people and steal their land - had to bow down to protection of civil rights. How about that - Canadian values over Jewish values! The entire ridiculous system of oppression of Muslims has completely fallen apart, and I expect the judge in the Harkat case to tear a strip off the lying CSIS agents. I'm optimistic that Canadian values of civil liberties will prevail over the values of those master manipulators who use the phony 'war on terror' as an an excuse to kill people and steal their land.
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