Thursday, October 08, 2009

Abbas, the Collaborator

It's funny, but both the Jews and the Palestinians feel themselves to be better off with Abbas being finally finished with the proof of his collaboration (the proof kindly supplied by Israel). If Abbas and the PA still have a smidgen of credibility, Obama can impose his statelet on them and tell them to try to run with it. With the PA out of the picture, and Obama unable to even consider dealing with the real elected government of the Palestinians, Hamas (the 'terrorists'), Obama will have no one to impose a state on.

The paradox is that this also suits the Jews, who were terrified that they would be forced to finally set the borders of Israel, ending the Jewish dream of Anti-Assimilation Land.

In the long run (less than ten years), the end of Jewish-controlled Israel can now continue on its merry course.
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