Saturday, October 03, 2009


I'm not big on law and order, and frankly couldn't care less about whether every single perpetrator is caught and punished. What's amusing is that World Jewry has taken up defending Polanski as one of its causes, and it is backfiring badly. The argument that it has been thirty years would be a lot stronger if the thirty years wasn't caused by Polanski fleeing (it is a version of the Menendez defense: you can't punish us as we're orphans). The argument that Polanski is an old man is funny when you consider that the same people think John Demianiuk is a young whipper-snapper. The argument that genius earns you a pass - the Jean Genet defense - didn't appeal to these same people when the subject was Bobby Fischer. The arguments that there really wasn't a crime are, frankly, embarrassing, and the victim was no doubt required to support Polanski's release as part of the cash settlement that was paid. And then, of course, as always, the Holocaust!

What happened is that Polanski's attorneys negotiated an outrageous Hollywood plea bargain with prosecutors always willing to play along with local power, a plea bargain that would have Polanski sentenced to time served (for a couple weeks in a hospital) rather than the couple of decades of hard time anybody else would have received. When the judge was apparently having a difficult time swallowing the plea bargain, Polanski's people concocted some stories of judicial misconduct and Polanski fled. I don't care what they do to him, but the Jews have again embarrassed themselves, and taken another step towards ruining the Holocaust brand.
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