Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goldstone, corrected and improved

On any given topic whatsoever, the only question of importance to the Jews is whether it is 'good for the Jews'. These days, absolutely nothing is 'good for the Jews'. Their attempt to coerce their collaborators in the Palestinian Authority not only wrecked the reputation of the collaborators, but backfired into the process which resulted in the endorsement of the Goldstone Report by the UN Human Rights Council. Not only that, but the Council took out the completely improper criticism of Hamas from the terms of the endorsement. Why improper?:
  1. The original mandate from the UN was to investigate Israeli war crimes. It was Goldstone, the Jew, who added the investigation of the Palestinians. He might have just as well have decided to add an investigation of war crimes of the government of Fiji. It was Goldstone, the Jew (and Zionist), who improperly sought to muddy the waters and destroy the effectiveness of the report by turning it into another one of these two-sided monstrosities that is one of the cornerstones of the hasbara efforts. Goldstone's mala fides is proven by the fact that he somehow managed to ignore the fact that the slaughter was conducted with the victims effectively locked in a cage. Only the lowest of the low would turn an area into a war zone, use illegal munitions, and not allow any access for civilian escape.
  2. There is no evidence that the Palestinian government had anything to do with the sporadic rockets fired at Israel. Hamas managed to stop the rockets, but only after considerable effort. The attacks were by small rogue groups, and, given the history of the conflict, may very well have been by collaborators for Israel.
  3. The rocket attacks had stopped well before the Israeli attack. Therefore, they can serve as no possible excuse for the Israeli slaughter.
  4. The attack was planned by Israel long before, even before Israel started to negotiate with Hamas for a cease-fire. The irony is that Israel had to speed up its attack to shorten the time between the end off the casus belli, the rocket attacks, and its long-planned slaughter, so it could continue to obfuscate with the 'self-defense' ruse so beloved by the Jews
  5. Those fighting wars of national liberation cannot possibly commit war crimes. Anything they do is justified by their oppression.
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