Monday, October 12, 2009

Lite plans

Note the typical 'lite-ness' of the clarification of the B'Tselem position on the Goldstone Report. The emphasis is on countering the report and its implications by producing at least an attempt at an official Israeli response. "Only in cases where there is no possibility of obtaining a domestic remedy does the international community step in to fill the vacuum." The problem from the point of view of B'Tselem is that Israel's failure to produce an official whitewash puts the Jews in the hands of the world community The point isn't to stop the slaughter and land theft but to properly manage perceptions of it. The tribal compulsion is why it is hopeless to rely on Jews to solve their barbarity problem.

You will see a similar approach from the lite-Zionists in their rejection of BDS - their Jewish supremacist pride is offended at the idea that outsiders might attempt to direct the situation, not to mention the fact that sanctions might work. The lites are all about three things:
  1. providing a forum to talk about their favorite subjects, Jewishness and Jewish group identity and supremacism, all while appearing to be trying to do good deeds;
  2. keeping outsiders from interfering in any way with the good deeds of the Supreme Beings (thus the need to manage Goldstone 'in house', and the rejection of BDS);
  3. building Anti-Assimilation Land (the long-term lite plan is an imposed 'two-state solution' on the Palestinians, with the idea that the imposed statelet will be unworkable and collapse, permitting the extension of Israeli state borders over the corpse of the failed statelet, eventually from the Nile to the Euphrates).
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