Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Post-Gaza Syndrome

An article in CNN, "Report: Hundreds detained by Israel without charge", would never have appeared prior to the Gaza slaughter (I should always include a reminder in mentioning the Gaza slaughter that the rockets had stopped before the Israeli attack began, as the Jews and their lackeys seem perennially stuck on the 'self-defense' whopper, not to mention the small problem they have with proportionality, a habit of supremacists). Even now, I imagine that the necks of the careers of various CNN employees are being measured for the noose, and a grovelling apology is no doubt being dictated from the head office in Tel Aviv. Note the various distancing techniques in the article, starting with the title itself (a similar article about anywhere else in the world would not need to be blamed on a 'report'). Nevertheless, any report, even about a tiny example of the ubiquitous Israeli supemacist racist state violence, wouldn't have been possible prior to the Gaza slaughter (and not forgetting that the B'Tselem contribution is just a reminder that this is part of a lite campaign to make Israelis look like human beings and not monsters). I'd like to say that World Jewry and Israel are sorry that the slaughter happened, but they aren`t, and another similar outrage is no doubt just around the corner.
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