Friday, October 09, 2009

Pity the Jews

Today isn't April 1, but what with NASA making a fool of itself, and Obama winning the freakin' Nobel Peace Prize, it might as well be. Honestly, when I read about Obama I thought it was some sort of parody. Nevertheless, it is part of the Secret War Against the Jews. Just as cows need to be milked every day to avoid pain, so too do Jewish fangs need an ongoing source of blood. When Obama bends down to push the red button to nuke Iran (not that it was going to happen anyway) - surrounded by his Jewish advisers, fangs blazing, yelling 'kill, kill, kill!!!!' - the medal will fall off his chest, blocking his ability to push the button. Giving Obama the Nobel peace prize is so anti-Semitic it makes the Jewish Holocaust look like a picnic with ants. I'm starting to feel sorry for the Jews and their physical pain caused by a lack of genocide. Once Jewish-controlled Israel is gone forever, the fangs will miraculously disappear.
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