Thursday, October 15, 2009


"Israelis may stay home to avoid arrest in Europe" This is just about those involved in the planning and implementation of the Gaza slaughter, but since the entire history of the IDF has been about war crimes and crimes against humanity, and practically the entire population of Israel has been in the IDF, what we have is a soon-to-be-gone country completely stocked with war criminals. Where the hell will they go? The US is the only place that will take them. Just as the Nazis fled to places like Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil (or so the Jew-controlled media would have us believe), the new Judeo-nazi compounds will be set up in places like Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. There they will live amongst the relics of Judeo-fascism, drinking toasts to their sole obsession, killing people and stealing their land.

There will need to be Judeo-nazi hunters, and maybe some Eichmann-like kidnappings, to bring the main perpetrators of the Final Solution back to Palestine for the televised show trials, where the perps will whine they were only following orders, and that they did their slaughtering in the most humane way possible.
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