Friday, October 16, 2009

Real Inglourious Basterds

You can download a (pirated) copy of an infamous repressed book called 'An Eye for an Eye', written by an 'self-hater', and very unpopular with the usual suspects (the download hosts aren't biased: if you're looking for comedy, you can download this).

I've been hard on Tarantino, but a 'revisionist' review might classify Inglourious Basterds as one of the most accurately anti-Semitic movies ever made, playing with the emotions of a group of violent racist supremacists who have nothing on their minds but revenge fantasies. The Martian I occasionally talk about, arriving on earth for the first time and looking at the Middle East, could draw no other conclusion. Inglourious Basterds may be the world's biggest anti-Semitic joke: Tarantino takes their money, gives them the movie they drool over, and points out what a bunch of monsters they really are. Even a fanger like Jeffrey Goldberg, right after writing:
"When I came out of the screening room the night before our interview, I was so hopped up on righteous Jewish violence that I was almost ready to settle the West Bank - and possibly the East Bank."

starts to feel a little unease, though his supremacism prevents him from getting the full joke. After Israel is gone, and people can speak freely again, we will likely see full 'revisionist' reviews, with the movie seen as a warning to the Jews that their deep motivations were leading them off a cliff.
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