Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remind you of anybody, much?

A group of investors who plan to buy the St. Louis Rams NFL team kicked Rush Limbaugh out of the investment group, ostensibly because he has expressed so many racist opinions over the years. It is hilarious to think that the NFL owners would care that Limbaugh is a racist (or a druggie, or geigh), and hilarious to see the American 'left' fall all over this as part of Limbaugh's comeuppance.

The Obama Administration has already labeled Faux as an enemy, and Limbaugh is no doubt also on that list. The NFL is all about making money, and most of that money is made from television. Crucial to the television money is a partial anti-trust exemption granted by Congress back in the 60s. The Obama Administration has already indicated it would take an activist role in supporting anti-trust legislation in the courts (in a case involving the NFL, no less), and the NFL recently ran into trouble with a prominent Democrat senator (albeit newly returned to the Democrats) over a football conspiracy theory. Limbaugh is just a red flag the NFL doesn't need in its attempt to keep up its lucrative television money, made even more lucrative as it slowly slides from free TV to pay TV.

I couldn't help but notice the quotes emphasized in bold from this posting on Limbaugh's racism (I think he plays with racist comments as it helps ratings; I have no idea about what he really feels personally):
"To white conservative Southerners, the outrage was never the acts they committed, only the effrontery of having those acts held against them."

"The way it made a victim of the bully and a bully of the victim, turned the very blood of their African American victims into an affront against Southern white decency, turned the very act of Southern white violence into wounded Southern innocence; the way it suggested that the real story was never the atrocities white Southerners committed but only the attempt by their political enemies to make political hay out of it."

Remind you of anybody, much? Ah, yes, the Jews, particularly these days the fulminations of Bibi against the Goldstone Report.
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