Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This month's Pollard

"The sting was conducted after Mr Nozette took what the FBI perceived to be a suspicious trip abroad." The reports all contain the boilerplate that there was no wrongdoing by Israel, but it is at least curious that the FBI decided to pretend to be the Mossad in order to entrap Nozette. Had his trip been to China, I imagine they would have pretended to be Chinese intelligence. Parts of the FBI affidavit are here, and Nozette admits to being Jewish and refers to the 'right of return' to Israel as his method of escape. From the same source (which, needless to say, is treating the whole matter as another example of anti-Semitism):
"Now, the unnamed foreign country is an interesting bit of information because it appears that Nozette already had some dealings in another country where he was running a part time technology business."

Gee, a country with a lot of high-tech businesses leached off the US. Which country could it be?
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