Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glittering wastes of time

This comment by Hoarsewhisperer is right on:
"I share Xymph's view that fans of the C.D. branch of 911 Truth are uneducated, incurious and unworldly lemmings.
It doesn't matter if explosives were used because even if it could be proven that they were, the info is useless unless it helps to identify perps. A diligent investigation of the NORAD no-show could and would identify the people responsible for the no-show and they and their reasons and possible motives could then be subject to intense scrutiny. CD Truth exists purely to divide public opinion sufficiently to dilute interest in an investigation of the failure of NORAD on the one and only occasion since its creation that a true emergency took place. It's just TOO MUCH of a coincidence.
Another reason explosives don't matter is that the planes were the trigger.
i.e. no planes = no excuse to set off the explosives - real or imaginary."

I think that it was Peter Dale Scott who noted that all the effort spent on the single-bullet theory was wasted, as the answer would not advance the problem of solving the real political issue. The role of NORAD as the intentionally-failed protector is the key to understanding September 11 and its intended aftermath (people are just now noting that the Wars For The Jews allowed by the September 11 attacks have permanently wrecked the American economy), and oddly one that could easily be answered, if only there was the political will. There are a number of people towards the bottom of the power pyramid - jet pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers - who could shed considerable light on the conspiracy, if only somebody in power to compel answers - and provide some protection for honesty - would ask. About 99% of the 'truthers' efforts are wasted in useless 'investigations' of controlled demolition. Even if you conclusively proved controlled demolition - which you can't - you would not be one step ahead in understanding the real problem. The Zionists are quite happy to watch people spin their wheels on this lumpen anti-Semitism - for controlled demolition is usually connected to some alleged Jewish financial plot involving Larry Silverstein - as long as they don't look too deeply into the role of the 'war on terror' in fooling Americans into advancing Zionist goals.
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