Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No freeze

As we all know, Hillary sold her soul to the devils in return for a shot at the presidency. In return for her immortal soul she got Mark Penn, which seems like a horrible deal until you consider how much her soul might be worth.

Both the lites and the newly fashionable 'anti-Semite' American nationalists are in a frenzy over Hil's public fellation of Bibi. Although I'm sure it escapes Hillary, the 'new' - or old - American position on the settlements is just another part of the Secret War Against The Jews. Jewish control over American politics and media is so powerful that even the President of the United States has to use some ninja moves to look out for the interests of Americans. Thus the lite plan - presumably from Rahm - to trade a freezing of the settlements, and the imposition of borders around those settlements, for an imposed statelet on the Palestinians. The lites are patient enough to wait for such a state to fail, as it obviously would in a decade or two, when Israel can again free itself from the anti-Semitic imposition of national borders and continue to build Anti-Assimilation Land from the Nile to the Euphrates.

But it was not good enough for the blood-dripping-from-the-fangs crowd, who arrogantly figured they so controlled the Americans that they could have it all without having to wait for the imposed Palestinian statelet to fail. By giving Bibi all he wanted, the Americans are using massive Jewish power against World Jewry. No freeze means no imposed statelet - the ultimate disaster for the Palestinians - and the universal world-wide disgust of moral and decent people against the predations of the Jews can continue to build, culminating in Israel and its citizens being treated as universal outlaws, and the end of a Jewish state in the Middle East within ten years.

The lites can see the writing on the wall, which explains the J-Street conference ('Liteapalooza'), which typically turned into a contest of which group could out-Jew the others. The lites want exactly what the blood-dripping-from-the-fangs crowd wants, but slightly slower, to continue to fool the gentiles into complacency. They want to see IDF soldiers crushing the skulls of Palestinians babies with the soles of their boots, but they want an infinitesimally softer sole on the boots (and the debate at the conference led to their abandoning even the softer soles, for fear of being labelled 'self-haters'). The inability of supremacists to be able to understand themselves will be the downfall of the Jewish Empire, just as it has been the downfall of all other supremacist groups (and I feel no danger in tipping the Jews off to the Secret War Against The Jews as their supremacism makes them completely incapable of comprehending it).
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