Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think we have to take seriously the idea that the 'truthers', particularly those who obsess about controlled demolition, are part of a Pentagon disinformation campaign intended to draw attention away from the role of the American military on September 11. It is curious that it is common for those who propound controlled demolition to be vehemently opposed to the idea that the Pentagon building was hit by a cruise missile, a missile that would have been fired by the American military. Controlled demolition allows all the attention to be placed on scapegoats, in this case Jewish scapegoats, and avoids the big political picture, that September 11 was really a successful military coup d'etat.

Thomas Friedman proposes the lite wet dream that the United States withdraw from the Middle East 'peace' process and let the two sides fight it out. This after the United States has prepared a level playing field by gifting hundreds of billions of dollars of arms to the Israelis. The 'fair fight' would be eliminationist, and would allow for the creation of every Jew's dream, Anti-Assimilation Land over the corpses of millions of gentiles.

Speaking of Jewish 'dual loyalists' hard at work at tricking the always gullible Americans, Wolf Blitzer just can't stop the blood pouring from his fangs. The Jews haven't got much going for them these days, so they are laying it on thick, too thick for decent and moral people like Col. John Galligan (Ret.), who is visibly pained in encountering an insect like Wolf.
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