Monday, January 25, 2010

Law in the time of ZOG

In a United States under full ZOG control, the Department of Justice has learned the hard way that it has to disguise its operations to avoid being undermined by Zionist power. Thus the prosecution of David Nozette, really about spying for Israeli interests, has to be disguised to bury the Jewish/Israeli angle. Similarly, the attack against Israeli arms dealers based in the U. S. has to be disguised within what looks like a much bigger operation in which the majority of defendants appear to be gentiles (this bribery law is the kind of law that is ignored 99% of the time by prosecutors, and is just brought out to go after people doing really bad things who can't easily be caught in any other way). Otherwise, the Jews would use their massive power to ruin the chance of any successful prosecution and probably ruin the careers of the agents and prosecutors working on the cases.
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