Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

"India Defies Monsanto, Says No to GMO Crops"

Ethiopian Airlines crash conspiracy theories: what is the Ocean Alert looking for?

"All You Need to Know About DC"

The reform movement in Iran is finished, in large part because the regime has correctly identified the 'reformers' with Zionists, CIA assets and other enemies of the Iranian people.

The legislation incorporating sanctions on Iran should be called the American Impoverishment Act (or the American Enslavement to the Jews Act), as the slack will be taken up by China and Russia and others.

Goldman Sachs provided a derivative deal to the Greek government which allowed it to hide its huge deficit problem.

In light of the Copenhagen joke, Bolivia is hosting a real climate change summit. The 'First World' is bankrupt - financially, morally, and intellectually. It is time for everybody else to take up the slack and start fixing things.
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