Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Always shifting to the right: the John Birch Society has finally been accepted back into mainstream American conservatism.

"Chip and PIN is broken":
"We get reports weekly from different victims of phantom withdrawals, and these include large numbers of stolen cards used to make purchases in the window between theft and the cancellation of the card. Currently these victims are denied refunds by their banks, but this attack could explain some of the frauds we are seeing. The fact the receipt says 'PIN Verified' when actually it wasn’t raises a whole load of legal and evidential questions which call into question the banking industry’s claim that their systems work (and log) properly. Merchants will be none too pleased either; the system no longer protects their interests but only those of the issuing bank."
More on Toyota's abuse of the American regulatory system.

"It's also what's called redistribution of income, and it is getting out of hand."

"Jerusalem families come out against museum built on ancestors' graves" The chutzpah argument of the Jews seems to be that since they've wrecked the place already and the Palestinians haven't been able to do anything about it, that constitutes some kind of tacit approval by the Palestinians of the building of the museum. I look forward to the day when all the Jewish museums in the shitty little country are turned into public latrines (although the Palestinians will be too kind to do so).

Since Dubai has retina scans of all the assassins, the Mossad will have to remove all their eyes.

They're making a movie about Nicholas Kristof's worldwide lifelong search for the Palestinian Gandhi.

This would probably be a bad time for Tzipi to test whether the British dare arrest her for all the crimes she has committed:
"As the controversy over the use of European passports by Israeli Mossad agents escalates, sources have revealed that at least of one of the documents used was likely issued by an employee in the immigration and passport department.

The sources told the Palestine Telegraph that some of the employees involved are working for the Mossad and issued the documents a considerable time go."
The story that the Israelis gave the Brits a 'head's up' about the use of the passports is probably a lie intended to conceal the very high level collusion of 'dual loyalists' in the British government, collusion that has permanently endangered all holders of British passports. These traitors would hardly need a warning if they authorized the issuance of the passports.
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