Monday, February 08, 2010

Sleeping on the job

From the Ottawa Sun (with a good question in red):
"There's next to no evidence terrorist groups like Al-Qaida train and deploy sleeper agents to countries around the world, an intelligence expert told a federal court Monday.

Thomas Quiggin, a contract intelligence analyst, was testifying as part of hearings to determine the validity of a security certificate issued against Mohamed Harkat by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The agency has alleged Harkat is a sleeper agent planted in Canada by Al-Qaida in the mid-1990s. Harkat, who is originally from Algeria, has denied involvement with any terrorist organizations.

Quiggin said Monday there has been no concrete proof any terrorist plots in recent memory have been carried out with the aid of sleeper agents.

'If they (terrorism groups) spent time and money and effort developing sleeper agents, why aren't they using them?' Quiggin asked. 'There is no evidence of sleeper agents being employed.'

Quiggin said many people continue to believe in the existence of sleeper cells despite the lack of evidence.

'People hold onto the belief if it was the first one they had,' Quiggin said. 'It's hard to move away from.'

The hearing continues."
Given the obvious lack of intelligence and competence of the morons who are paid to protect us from 'terrorism', it is lucky that 'sleeper agents' are a figment of their active imaginations.
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