Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Israeli Apartheid Week!

Happy Israeli Apartheid Week!

"Spanish children urge Israeli envoy to 'stop murdering Palestinians'" Israeli Foreign Ministry files a protest against Spanish schoolchildren.

Interesting article - you may not like the source - by Steve Sailer about the difference between the Old American Establishment, whose economic and social interests were the economic and social interests of the entire country (and who thus felt an obligation to preserve the entire country), and the New American Establishment, which feels no such obligation (except perhaps to Anti Assimilation Land).

Australia has identified three Mossad agents living in Australia (these are in addition to the three Mossad assassins using Australian passports in Dubai), questioned them, and otherwise done fuck all about it (Mossad tradecraft ahead):
"According to two Australian intelligence sources who have been in contact with the Herald, the three men under surveillance all emigrated to Israel within the last decade.

Each has travelled back to Australia at different times to legally change their names and obtain new Australian passports. One of the men has changed his surname three times, the other two have changed theirs twice.

The men have changed their names from surnames that could be read as European-Jewish to ones more typically identified as Anglo-Australian."

"The Herald understands that the three Australians share an involvement with a European communications company that has a subsidiary in the Middle East."

"Too late for trust: Why no Jewish writer can be believed"

"Zahir Ebrahim – Response to John Kaminski's 'Why no Jewish writer can be believed'"

Since I don't believe in magic, and don't believe that being Jewish somehow automatically makes you Evil, I can't accept that all Jews are lying in a covert plan to fool us into Zionism. The problem is cultural, not mystical. Therefore, there is a way out. There are 'Good Jews' (and saying there can't be is magical thinking). But there is a real problem. Almost all prominent Jewish writers are Zionists, no matter what they are writing about, and many are involved in trying to fool us. The conspiracy has been going on for decades. Many of the most revered writers of the 'left' have used their writing on other subjects to provide a duck blind from which to fool us about Jewish intentions in the Middle East. Even those Jews who think they mean well, the 'lites', are deceiving themselves about their real intentions. The cultural problem means that Jews will never be able to solve the problems they have caused, but it is going too far to say that we can't learn from any of them.

"out of sight"

Investigating the Shabbos Goyim (and about time!):
"Today, the first session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RTP) will be held in Barcelona. The RTP is a peoples' tribunal focusing not on Israel's obligations under international humanitarian law (IHL) such as the Fourth Geneva Convention, but on the obligations of the international community of signatory states which sustain and enable Israel's continuous violations of international law."
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