Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The Ottawa (Jewish) Citizen weighs in on Fowler, calling him a relic, and relying on "eminent Middle East scholar Barry Rubin" (ha!). Of course, it is the shabbos goyim doing the work of the Jews who are the relics (the Jews are too busy commemorating what couldn't have happened to somebody else's ancestors). The old thinking was that animosity towards the west, and its expression in terrorism, had some magical, irrational source ("they hate us for our freedoms"). We know that terrorism has one source - when one group's ancestral lands are occupied, particularly by a group from another religion (Robert Pape: "We must understand that suicide terrorism results more from foreign occupation than Islamic fundamentalism and conduct the war on terrorism accordingly."). Palestine, and all the places where the Wars For The Jews are fought, are such places. If you want to end terrorism, and save the trillions of dollars that the 'war against terrorism' and the Wars For The Jews are costing, stop fighting Wars For The Jews and remove the Jewish-controlled political entity from the Middle East. The Jew-controlled media has it completely backwards because they want to fool us into continuing to work for them (and you might want to consider why the Ottawa (Jewish) Citizen decided to write an editorial focusing on one tiny aspect of Fowler's speech).

Of course, in other ways Fowler is a relic. He still believes in a two-state solution. He thinks that Canada can help Africa through 'trade', i. e., Canadian mining companies fronting for Anglo-American interests involved in colonial exploitation by underpaying the the local workforce, stealing the mineral wealth, and leaving behind ecological disaster areas (Fowler was kidnapped, and became a 'Terrorism Survivor', when he was paying an unauthorized visit to such an operation without his required minder from the government of Niger!). Despite the fact that a lot of Fowler's ideas are forty years old (or more), his ideas on ending terrorism are brand new, and correct. Canadian (and other) politicians kowtowing to Jewish money and power is hurting everybody.
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