Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dennis Kucinich is getting hell for agreeing to vote for Obamas's health care plan but the schemers really have him - and other Democrats - over a barrel. The entire issue has been turned into as test of the viability of the party. If they can't get this bill passed, the Republicans will be able to use similar tactics to those they are using here - fake populist movement, outright lies passed on but never challenged by the mainstream media, control over the right-wing talk shows, and even threats of physical violence - to block every other thing the Democrats try to do, and the obvious ineffectiveness will lead to a quick loss of power. If the Democrats don't pass this, they won't ever pass anything again that isn't agreeable to the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party.

Of course, the Machiavellian reason for a 'progressive' to vote for such a flawed bill is that the financial pressures caused by the bill to the middle class will make it a political imperative to clip the wings of the insurance companies, probably by introducing government competition. Or at least something like that is what Rahm is probably secretly whispering.

The real reason for the flawed bill, and other awful behavior from both parties, isn't lack of political courage, but utter corruption.

Stolen art.

More on Israeli spy planes over Hungary. Try as I might, I can't see any reason for the spy planes to be connected to the assassination of the Syrian. Flying the planes looks like another Jewish show of force, almost as if they were making fun of Hungary, possibly in retaliation for whatever the Syrian was doing in Budapest.

"The Department of Defense Covertly Dismantled a Terrorist Message Board...Created By the CIA"

"Real or Bizzaro News?":
"In a bold move that shocked Wall Street, Main Street and J Street, Israel expanded its settler housing to Washington D.C.
President Obama and his family were ordered to vacate the White House so that it would be available to Israeli officials when they visit the occupied territories in the Senate and the House.

Speaker Pelosi expressed surprise when told that Netanyahu had asked for her congressional leadership position in another bold move that showed Israel practicing its political chutzpah as never before.

“I thought he would ask for the presidency and am flattered and of course only too willing to accede to any demands made by our most important friends in the world, the Israelis,” said Pelosi.

The ADL accused her of practicing thinly veiled anti-Semitism by only mentioning the world instead of the universe."
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