Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Israelis are still talking tough, but you'll note from the comments to this article - which, by the way, overstates the case badly: it appears Dubai officials will only be giving more scrutiny to Israelis, not, unfortunately, outright banning them - that the developments out of Dubai are finally starting to rouse them from their protected cocoon (ignore the inevitable slur and read the comments to see how moral and decent people feel about the Jews).

The New York Times in Israel operates out of stolen property. Why am I not surprised?

The IDF has decided to help Nicholas Kristof and take up the search for the Palestinian Gandhi.

"How 'unwitting' were the 'dual nationals' whose passports were used by Mossad?":
"The message I'm getting is that all six are Zionist and/or religious ideologues. Moreover, a named Australian dual-national, Joshua Daniel Bruce, is in Israel to study Judaism, while Michael Bodenheimer, whose name appears on a forged German passport, lives in the ultra-orthodox city of Bnei Brak and studies in a yeshiva (Jewish seminary).

None of them, as far as I can divine, has lashed out at the Israeli government or at the Mossad for placing them in peril. ŒCoincidentally, none of the 12 Britons named was outside Israel at the time of the hit.

Most ordinary young Israelis, today, are not ideologues, so it may be that these people were specifically chosen for their patriotic fervour. It's not therefore inconceivable that they willingly handed over their passports to Mossad agents and agreed not to travel during a specified period."

If the sayanim keep this up, eventually all governments will have to ban the travel of all Jews.
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