Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Changing times

Noam 'I've-probably-been-the-leading-opponent-for-years-of-the-campaign-for-divestment-from-Israel-and-of-the-campaign-about-academic-boycotts' Chomsky endorses the divestment bill at Berkeley! It is too late to save poor Noam's shattered reputation, and it probably turns on the fact that the divestment bill is directed at American corporations, thus allowing Noam to continue the charade that all the problems of the Middle East are due entirely to Americans, but you can be sure that a year ago Noam wouldn't have backed any kind of BDS. At a time when Israeli sports teams and cultural figures are booed off the stage around the world, and when Bibi doesn't even dare show his ugly face in Washington (while not too long ago Israeli leaders, including Bibi, pranced around the United States like they ran the place, which they did, and still largely do), Zionists, from fangers to faux lites to lites, are having to change strategies fast.
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