Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The real dirt - and it's really, really ugly - is starting to come out on Jason Kenney's illegal barring of George Galloway from Canada. Harper just had to fire a minister (a story which is becoming quite colorful), and Kenny's pretty safe anyway as an extreme right-winger, but this douchebag Alykhan Velshi may find himself in difficulty.

5th US Climate Action report: "Global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced"

It is ironic that Bibi can't stop talking about 'natural expansion' of the illegal settlements, when the illegal settlements have been engineered specifically to make natural expansion of Palestinian villages impossible.

"21st Century Mass Expulsion" Israel is the only state in the world based entirely on the principle of ethnic cleansing through mass expulsions.

"Profiting from Investments Designed to Implode":
"To me, there is a line that separates what is acceptable behavior on Wall Street and what is not. Shorting stocks, betting against housing and mortgages is one thing. I have no issue with a directional bet, up or down.

Creating synthetic products that are designed to implode, sandbagging clients to invest in them, and then betting against them - that is highly problematic."

It is interesting how the right-wingers can't stop harping on how difficult it will be to obtain convictions in these cases, as every step was technically legal (of course the same right-wingers are vehemently opposed to restoring the laws that used to make the recent shenanigans illegal), when in every legal system fraud is a crime.

Painful joke: “Lloyd Blankfein’s years of marketing worthless securities have prepared him for the important task of selling Treasuries to the Chinese.”
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