Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It-takes-one-to-know-one department: while all employees of the Jew-controlled media have failed, the grandson of Gandhi finds the Palestinian Gandhi.

"Letter from CCCB President Bishop Pierre Morissette to Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the situation in the Holy Land" It contains references to some of the many outrages committed against Christians by the shitty little country, outrages which the Vatican doesn't complain about because of the pedophilia blackmail operation being run by World Jewry.

Michael Coren, famous for calling for the nuclear genocide of Iranians, interviews the machete 'victim', Nick Bergamini. Note that although Bergamini supposedly ran for his life across the bridge (which goes from Quebec to Ontario), he somehow within minutes talked to Quebec police. And he got the names of numerous eyewitnesses to the attack. Did he walk back to the place where he was attacked and supposedly nearly killed? And why wasn't a police report filed until hours later? A more likely scenario was that he got into a verbal altercation in a bar over Zionism, went home, and later concocted a scheme with his Israeli friend to create some Zionist propaganda. We'll see. Self-described 'conservative', a journalism student and student politician, along with his Israeli pal, suddenly and conveniently find themselves in a hasbara story. Others find the tale a little tall.

Peter Galbraith says Hamid Karzai is on drugs! Of course, any American puppet stating the truth would have to be on drugs. But why are we hearing this from Peter Galbraith?

"Lies, Damn Lies, and Forbes: What the Turkish President Didn't Say about Iran" This is outrageous even by the standards of the neocons and the mainstream media.

"West Virginia Coal Mine Tragedy: Site Where 25 Died Had 57 Safety Violations Last Month" "Massey Energy & Don Blankenship: Million-dollar Tea Party sponsors"
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