Sunday, June 06, 2010

The detachment of the lie factory from reality

It is obvious that the hasbara lie factory is now directed entirely to the Jewish population of Israel and the world Jewish population. The lies are simply too preposterous to work on anybody not already predisposed, or paid, to believe them (watching the paid liars pretend to accept the Israeli bullshit is very entertaining, and ultimately completely destructive of any credibility they think they once had). Of course, part of the hasbara scam is to produce the raw material for lying reports in the American media, but to a large extent the Jews don't even care about the American media any longer. Supremacists think that any opinions outside the group are worthless. As long as they still have a bribery/blackmail jackboot on the necks of American politicians, nothing else matters. Propaganda is no longer necessary. Thus, the supremacists are reduced to lying to themselves.

The detachment of the lie factory from:
  1. any requirement to influence 'outside' opinion;
  2. any purpose other than reinforcing the prejudices of the supremacist group; and
  3. even the most tenuous connection with reality
is one of the key indicators of the beginning of the end for a supremacist group. Supremacism always ends badly, in a combination of mass depression, delusional behavior, and persecution complex. The propaganda loses all purpose other than inoculating members of the group from the facts (which is why the end of the group always comes as such a shock). When your propaganda begins to sound hilarious to anybody in the 'outside' group - except, of course, for those paid to find it compelling - you've reached the end stage of your supremacist madness.
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