Wednesday, June 30, 2010

G20 fascist police conspiracy

The G20 fascist police conspiracy is fast becoming a political issue in Canada. What made it so obvious was the police backing off from even attempting to stop the violent protesters, only to pick up their energy in time to arrest a huge number of non-violent protesters, none of whom was doing anything even remotely illegal. Perhaps we can take some comfort in the fact that the police are completely incompetent at carrying out a fascist conspiracy. At the very least, the police chief in Toronto should be fired for cause.

The government in Ontario is trying to finesse its secret unconstitutional law. There is now no way of knowing the basis on which the police thought they were operating, and their statements further confuse the issue. The only way to fix this is to let all the arrested people go with a personal apology from the Premier and the new Toronto police chief.
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