Sunday, August 01, 2010

How to fund a murder

American authorities are assisting Dubai in investigating the Mossad murder. They have identified American companies that were used to transfer money to the assassins:
"The U.S. companies identified by investigators include web-based firms that pair freelance job-seekers with employers and transfer payments between them, the Journal said. Authorities have identified financial transfers from several intermediary businesses into prepaid, cash-card accounts used by suspects in the Dubai killing, according to international investigators.

The companies are not accused of any complicity in the attack - instead, investigators believe suspects might have posed as freelancers to obtain while that obscuring its source, using the money for operational expenses, such as plane tickets.

Representatives of several companies identified in the probe, including, Elance Inc. and Rent a Coder, now called, said they had not been contacted by U.S. authorities and were unaware of any investigation."
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