Monday, August 09, 2010


  1. "Report: U.S. downgrades Saudi arms deal over Israeli concerns" (my emphasis in red):
    "According to the Wall Street Journal report, the Obama administration in fact agreed to sell advanced F-15 fighter jets to the Saudis, however excluding long-range weapons systems as well as other components in order to quiet Israel's concerns.

    However, despite the reported Israeli concerns over the weapons deal, U.S. officials speaking to the Wall Street Journal made it clear that Washington did not make changes to appease Israel.

    "It's not that Barak swoops into town, we suddenly make a bunch of concessions that the Israelis never knew about before, and they're assuaged," the official said. "There were no refinements, no changes.""

    It is just a coincidence that the changes made entirely by the American slaves matched exactly those demanded by their Jewish masters.
  2. "Shalala is doubly humiliated" I wonder how many shekels it took to reeducate her.
  3. "USCYBERCOM Commander Eyes the First Cyberwar Defeat" Don't believe the Pentagon stooges and the embarrassed and completely irrelevant 'journalists'. WikiLeaks is for real. This will become apparent as the leaks build up.
  4. "What collapsing empire looks like" - the cost of Wars For The Jews and the Israeli-invented 'war on terror' are quickly turning the richest nation in the world into a third-world country.
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