Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

I still can't believe the Harvard divestment. Dersh is going to have a stroke.

Speaking of assholes, the concentration camp guard interviews the cancer patient, advocating genocide. The cancer patient has trouble with a mythical deity, but has no trouble calling for the death of tens of thousands of people, and the destruction of much of the world's economy, all based on a mythical nuclear arms program. I wonder how many cancer deaths a nuclear attack on Iran would cause.

"The story behind the images of the crying boy"

"National Anti Gay Leader Is a Convicted Felon, Con Man"

"Tax the rich to pay the deficit" The math works. The reason for most deficits is the failure of the rich to pay their fair share (plus the costs of wars). We can fix that.

Reminder on Cheap-Labor Conservatives. The culture wars we hear so much about, including the latest on the Manhattan cultural center, are just a smoke-screen to cover the only thing they are interested in.

"Knesset outsources US campus public diplomacy to militant Christian Zionists"

"Kaye Smith, guest columnist: Unwelcome import presents real threat":
"For years, Missouri has been the reluctant recipient of huge amounts of poultry litter from Arkansas after farmers there land-applied so much of their own litter they saturated and ruined a lot of their farmland.

Arkansas has been ingenious, though. It is now home to several multimillion dollar companies that do nothing but haul away litter into neighboring states. They have even devised a way to bale it like hay."
Note that the comments mostly support the litter.

"Did Ben Gurion sell his soul to Satan?" Both Germany and Israel are hiding the documents on the Eichmann kidnapping, for the unlikely reason that they reveal the German role in the Israeli nuclear bomb program. The kidnapping of Eichmann may have been an attempt to undermine the Israeli relationship with Germany, and it appears Israel may have allowed some Nazi-era war criminals to remain unprosecuted in order to keep the nuclear relationship alive with the West Germans.

"Israeli Ambassador not invited to Erdogan’s Iftar, Israel shocked at insult"

"Sources: Israel planning to expel tens of thousands of Palestinians in next war" - following what the Jews did in the 1940s, but modernized to use the phony idea that Palestinian militants use civilians as 'human shields'. In order to 'protect' the civilians, the IDF would order a 'temporary' removal of civilians from an area. Needless to say, the removal would be permanent.
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