Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Report: Hezbollah, Syria to join forces in future clash with Israel" If you are going to be attacked together, you might as well form a united defensive response.

"Despite Israeli protests, Russia won't halt arms sale to Syria" - the Israelis must have been shocked when they told a big arms-selling country what to do and it said no.

"In Lebanon, IDF plans a ‘ferocious land grab’"

"Apple gives Jerusalem to Israel"

"Johann Hari: How much proof do the global warming deniers need?":
"Thank God man-made global warming was proven to be a hoax. Just imagine what the world might have looked like now if those conspiring scientists had been telling the truth. No doubt Nasa would be telling us that this year is now the hottest since humans began keeping records. The weather satellites would show that even when heat from the sun significantly dipped earlier this year, the world still got hotter. Russia's vast forests would be burning to the ground in the fiercest drought they have ever seen, turning the air black in Moscow, killing 15,000 people, and forcing foreign embassies to evacuate. Because warm air holds more water vapour, the world's storms would be hugely increasing in intensity and violence – drowning one fifth of Pakistan, and causing giant mudslides in China.

The world's ice sheets would be sloughing off massive melting chunks four times the size of Manhattan. The cost of bread would be soaring across the world as heat shrivelled the wheat crops. The increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be fizzing into the oceans, making them more acidic and so killing 40 per cent of the phytoplankton that make up the irreplaceable base of the oceanic food chain. The denialists would be conceding at last that everything the climate scientists said would happen – with their pesky graphs and studies and computers – came to pass.

This is all happening today, except for that final stubborn step. It's hard to pin any one event on man-made global warming: there were occasional freak weather events before we started altering the atmosphere, and on their own, any of these events could be just another example. But they are, cumulatively, part of a plain pattern where extreme weather is occurring "with greater frequency and in many cases with greater intensity" as the temperature soars, as the US National Climatic Data Centre puts it. This is exactly what climate scientists have been warning us man-made global warming will look like, to the letter. Ashen-faced, they add that all this is coming after less than one degree of global warming since the Industrial Revolution. We are revving up for as much as five degrees more this century."
"In Shocking News, Climate Scientist Revealed to Not Be Evil Shyster"

A sorry attempt at making some sense out of the WikiLeaks rape story while protecting the Pentagon/CIA.

"The Demonisation of the Jews" - and the comments.  But the powerful demons really don't need any help.

People who do need help:  "Stop this state persecution of Roma"
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