Sunday, August 08, 2010


What kind of monsters would accuse a five-year old boy, terrified that he will never see his father again (with a lot of justification since the Jews jail for years, and murder in jail, many Palestinians), of faking his crying to embarrass the most 'moral army in the world'? Perhaps the kind of monsters who repeatedly spray swastikas on their own synagogues to make people feel that they are threatened, thus excusing their 'self defense'. Perhaps the kind of monsters who consistently cite ancient history of their alleged oppression, again with the motive of producing the moral space to allow them to kill people and steal their land and water in the Middle East. Perhaps the most powerful group of people in American society who constantly promote Islamophobia against one of the most oppressed groups in American society - the most recent example being the bigot Abe Foxman on the cultural center in Manhattan - all again for the same motive. Of course these monsters would see the five-year old as a trained actor. It is exactly what the Jews would do if it would allow them to kill a few more Arabs, and steal more water and land.

The father was being arrested for allegedly stealing back water illegally stolen by the world's most vile group of thieves, the settlers, the people regarded by the overwhelming majority of Jews as representing the highest manifestation of Judaism.
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