Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pruning war

The ongoing series of Israeli provocations of Lebanon is intensifying, as ridiculous and petty as they may be, down to the level of emergency pruning. This is exactly like the phony casus belli manufactured by the Jews to start the illegal 2006 attack on innocent civilians in Lebanon, where Israeli soldiers were sent on a suicide mission across the border. Somebody's fangs much be aching bad. Note how the mainstream press, in the face of dangerous Jewish aggression, retreats to the usual lie of throwing their hands up in the air and saying that nobody can tell what happened.

Debka explained the helicopter crash in Romania as practice for the attack on Iran. Since Debka always lies we see yet another use for 'Iran talk', in this case covering up for the Israeli planned attack on Lebanon (the crashed helicopter was practicing for searching for Hezbollah rocket emplacements). If Hezbollah indeed releases proof that it was Israel that assassinated Hariri - not that any proof were needed - an attack on Lebanon would also help change the subject (changing the subject is becoming a Jewish obsession). Hezbollah is still exercising maximum restraint, having not taken the pruning bait.

This series of increasing provocations are interesting from the point of view of internal Israeli politics. Israel is a pure military dictatorship, run by generals who are in turn run by the settler movement. Nevertheless, the State likes to maintain a veneer of 'democracy', and the current understanding is that Israel won't provoke any rocket counterattacks until the (useless) Iron Dome is finished to purport to protect the lives of Israeli civilians. There must be a fissure amongst the Israeli generals, with some ready to start a war in a state of Domelessness.
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