Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Curious disinfo campaign from Haaretz on the Cordoba community center.

Lynndie England in Israel. "The most beautiful time of my life" Isn't that something like what the concentration camp guard says?

One of the great advantages of still having Israel around is that it is a living museum of Western totalitarianism. White people just don't get a chance to see how it was to live in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany, but thanks to the Jews, anybody can get a taste (though not, of course, anything like the day-to-day horror the Jews impose on the people from whom they stole the land).

The CIA in Bolivia. Last year.

"Harvard rebalances endowment portfolio" This entire story is weird. It appears that Harvard has in fact sold almost all its Israeli holdings. This is probably as the financial analysts have come to the same conclusion I have, that Israel, and the Israeli stock market, is going to collapse soon after it decides to illegally attack Lebanon. Was the original story an attempt to move the Lobby to force Harvard to repurchase its Israeli holdings?
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