Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Crazy Like a Foxman" - it appears that World Jewry has determined that increasing Islamophobia in the United States is 'good for the Jews', so all efforts are being mustered in that direction, no matter how bizarre it makes guys like Abe seem.  See also:  Frank Gaffney.  Despite the fact it is the mildly retarded Christian Zionists who are taking the bait, make no mistake about it:  this is purely an effort of World Jewry to increase hate in the United States to serve the vile ends of World Jewry.

"Pickens urged Bush to take Iraq’s oil"  Common sense actually.  You spend trillions on a war, you expect to take some booty.  But no booty was taken.  The oil not taken is the dog that didn't bark.  The attack on Iraq was a War For The Jews.

"Efraim Diveroli Update"

"MI6 worker found murdered in London flat"  Flat owned by a company registered in the British Virgin Islands called New Rodina (rodina means "motherland" in Russian and Bulgarian).

"Moldovan authorities seize smuggled uranium"  See also here.

"GLOBAL GUERRILLA: Julian Assange"  WikiLeaks just has to keep pumping out the documents and those who see it an a U. S. government front will be embarrassed into shutting up.  It appears Assange thinks the CIA was behind the farce in Sweden.  I'm surprised the two complainants have the same lawyer, as I suspect one was the honey-trap, and the other was tricked into going along.  The innocent one would be wise to seek separate representation.

The Koch brothers, who are evil like comic book villains, and their funding of the media trick called the 'Tea Party'.  And here.

I suppose this is almost funny:  "FDA Not Testing Gulf Seafood for Mercury, Arsenic or Other Heavy Metals Because "We Do Not Expect to See an Increase Based on this Spill""  Much more on the Gulf-icide from the same blog.
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