Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Whose tree?

The UN is claiming the pruned tree is on Israeli territory. Of course, this is lucky for Israel, but irrelevant:
  1. The tree was clearly on the Lebanese side of the fence, and it is an utter provocation for Israel to start to trim it, without asking permission or assistance from even the UN officials in the area. Israel knew that the Lebanese wouldn't know whose tree it was. In fact, the Israeli troops/arborists probably assumed this was a Lebanese tree, and may have just got lucky.
  2. The UN can't be counted on to be a fair judge of geography, having been browbeaten by the slur for so long it defers to the Jews at every chance.
  3. The border itself is iffy, having been imposed on the Lebanese by the Jew Albright against their objections (Lebanon says the tree was south of the Blue Line but disputes the placement of the Blue Line in that area).
  4. This Israeli provocation is one of an ongoing series of provocations, obviously intended to provoke a Hezbollah rocket thus leading to a new Israeli land-stealing war.

Needless to say, the Jews will continue the provocations.
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