Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And they say there are no conspiracies!

"Let's Play A Game: Anarchist Or Photo Op?"  Note the policeman behind the first photographer in the center of the picture calmly watching his kicking colleague.  Note also that all the papers independently (?) decided to crop the picture to omit exactly the same inconvenient facts (it is not always exactly the same picture, and they seem to have chosen it to hide or deemphasize the policeman).  And they say there are no conspiracies!

"Quantitative Easing Explained"  The only beneficiary of this damaging and insane scheme is 'the Goldman Sachs', a criminal organization for which most of these conspirators worked, and for which most will work again when they leave their current employment.  And they say there are no conspiracies!

Joe Lieberman personally sunk the public option in American health care.  He did so because he is a Jew, and World Jewry didn't want Obama to achieve a big victory which would ensure his reelection as World Jewry thinks that Obama is not 'good for the Jews'.  Of course, it is 'anti-Semitic' to put the blame where it belongs, and your punishment for such stupidity is a lousy health care system.  And they say there are no conspiracies!

"AIPAC Gets Down and Dirty in Pushback Against Rosen Defamation Suit"  Typical day at AIPAC:  the executive director and his secretary watched internet porn, while the (five-times married!) director of foreign policy issues searched Craigslist for anonymous gay hookups.  When they could find time in between the sex, they gathered American secrets and delivered them to their Israeli handlers:  "AIPAC Bares All to Quash Lawsuit".  Actually, all the sex talk in the Forward article seems to be an attempt to deflect attention from the spying in order to protect AIPAC from having to register as a foreign lobbyist.  And they say there are no conspiracies!

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