Monday, November 29, 2010

Leak links

People will be mining this wonderful Wikileaks leak for a long time, but here are a few links to get started:

  1. "A thought for wikileak Sunday"  It's funny how horrible it is to out the vile secrets of the oligarchs, yet we're told that every secret of regular people must be turned over to the authorities/big business.
  2. Part of the job of being an American diplomat is stealing credit card numbers.  "State Department "Secret Cable" Lays Out U.S. Intelligence-Gathering Agenda in Paraguay"
  3. The El-Masri torture case.
  4. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair and Gen. Stanley McChrystal outright lied about Iran supplying the Taliban.
  5. Wikileaks gave the State Department a chance to protect anybody who might be endangered by the leak.  The State Department said 'fuck off'.  Now the State Department is whining how the leaks endanger people, just like they did in the case of the last leak, which Gates later admitted wasn't true.
  6. "Memo Reveals US State Department Knew Honduras Coup Was Illegal, Did Not Follow Own Advice"
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