Friday, November 05, 2010

Losing their minds with power

The whole point of Zionism - well, other than killing people and stealing their land - is to hide from moral and decent people what the Jews are up to.  Adbusters printed the photo comparison of the treatment of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza.  The Jews blew a gasket - truth is their kryptonite - and used their house organ, the world's worst newspaper, to rant about it.  They then used their massive power to have Canada's largest pharmacy chain - founded, naturally, by a Jewish pharmacist who became a Jewish billionaire because of it - stop selling Adbusters (hilariously, the chain says this is a 'coincidence').
To further stir up the controversy, the world's worst newspaper actually allowed the editor of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn, to explain the point of the comparison ( printing something that not a vile lie is a radical experiment in journalism for the world's worst newspaper).  Of course, the whole point of the original exercise was to make moral and decent people reflect on what the Jews are doing.  This phony controversy actually helps to get the message out.

Boycott Shoppers Drug Mart until they reverse this decision (oh, and boycott the other big chain in English Canada too).
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