Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Canada is hosting a secret conference to plot the Orwellian censorship that the Jews feel is required to allow them to continue to kill people and steal their land.

The French interior minister tried to turn the photocopier phollies into a movie plot ('should I cut the red wire or the yellow wire?').

"Wikileaks Initiatives Eyed by Cryptome"  There appear to be two Cryptomes, and this is the dumb one again.

"Alienated affection: Israel relationship is costing the U.S. its alliance with Turkey"

"The scary actual U.S. government debt"  Note how this is used to promote the decimation of government spending which benefits human beings.

"Randy Quaid and the Hollywood Mafia"  It is a fact that Hollywood has long dealt with its personnel problems through murder.

Back in the day, there was one law which governed the royals and the nobility (which is to say no law at all), and another law for everybody else.  Then there were some revolutions and stuff, and there was supposed to be one law for all.  With the victory of the counter-revolution of the plutocrats, American prosecutors are no longer even pretending that the rich are subject to the law.
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