Monday, November 22, 2010

Personal coat of arms

The CBC works for Harper and so blames Hezbollah for the Hariri assassination.  In Canada, finding ways not to blame Israel is how a government-funded organization like the CBC stays in business.  They even say Hezbollah has insiders at the commission, which, given the size of it, wouldn't be much of a surprise.  Not very interesting.  What I enjoyed was the part about the Canadian prosecutor, Daniel Bellemare:
"Bellemare had not been Washington's choice for the job and U.S. officials did not hold him in terribly high regard. They were aware he had been spending much of his time obsessing over the trappings of his UN offices, ordering in tailored clothes, boasting about his prosecutorial prowess and designing a personal coat of arms.

His underlings had watched, bemused, as he dispatched security staff to Beirut's more fashionable shopping districts to inquire about having the family crest embossed on pieces of jewelry.

 'If I was given to conspiracy theories," said one of Bellemare's former officials, 'I'd think he was deliberately put in there so as not to achieve anything.'"
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