Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your grandmom

Another analysis of the 'laptop doucuments' implicating Iran in having a nuclear weapons program, which are forgeries, probably by the Mossad.

Sometimes the deceivers trip over their own feet:  "UPDATE 3 - Germany says Namibia terror scare only security test"  The 'war on terror' is just a series of 'tests'.  The device was made by 'Grandma' (how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your grandmom).

"July 7 – The Truth At Last"  Could the two 'terrorists' killed at Canary Wharf be two of the three (or four) patsies who were supposed to have done the bombings?

"Israeli War Criminals"  All this information will be useful for the massive war crimes trials to take place once the shitty little country is no more.  Speaking of which, the American gift of war planes will never actually take place, as that plane is still in development, and Israel won't exist by the time the planes are ready (nevertheless, a righteous rant:  "Not one cent for tribute: Obama's embarrassing gift to Israel").

"Prosecutorial Abuse of Julian Assange and Alleged Victims"

"Who was Gareth Williams?"  Note how the picture has been manipulated to make him look effeminate.
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