Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chomsky on Afghanistan?  Simple.  That War For The Jews is in full flight, so there is no more need for World Jewry to blame Afghanistan for September 11.  Noam is just recycling September 11 to point the finger at the UAE (for the audacity of Dubai chasing the Mossad) and that mosque in Germany (still being used to stir up Islamophobia over false threats of terrorist attack).

"George Friedman: Bomb Iran Before 2012"  I've always been amazed that people actually pay for STRATFOR 'analysis', but since it appears to be merely another Zionist front, perhaps they don't.  The deep truth that everybody missed on the bizarre and otherwise inexplicable Broder columnBroder is a Jew.  Jews promote Wars For The Jews. QED.

"Crushed"  "Conservative Democrat Blue Dog caucus cut in half"  Voters replaced Republicans running as Democrats with real Republicans.  In the long run, a big improvement, as long as the Democrats are honest enough to start running real Democrats in place of the phony ones (admittedly a long shot).

"West Memphis 3 granted a rare new evidence hearing"  "'West Memphis 3' Get New Hearing in Murders of Three 8-Year-Old Cub Scouts"  The American justice system is very fast at putting people in jail, and very slow at correcting obvious injustices in getting them out.

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