Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Slaughter prep

Jewish fangs are aching so it is time for another illegal unprovoked attack on innocent civilians in Lebanon.  The 'Iron Dome', which is supposed to fool Israeli citizens into thinking there won't be an effective counterattack, isn't quite finished, but it is time for the Jews and their slaves to set the groundwork for the revered Jewish tradition of killing people and stealing their land and water:
  1. "Franklin Lamb: How Israel and the US Hope to Destroy Hezbollah"
  2. "Israel approves unilateral pullout from Lebanon border town"
  3. the CBC piece
  4. "UNIFIL to Take Refuge in Israel at War".
Use the Hariri tribunal to frame Hezbollah, with the intent of starting a civil war, or at least weakening Hezbollah's political position in Lebanon. Take the frame-up to the UN, hoping to score UN approval for military action to disarm Hezbollah (as was provided to the US and its allies for the slaughter in Afghanistan). The peculiar Israel withdrawal is to put Israel in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 1701, thus allowing Israel and its American slave to demand that Lebanon comply with the requirement to disarm Hezbollah, something Lebanon can't do, thus requiring Israeli 'help'.  Oh, and make sure UNIFIL is compromised, as we don't want any more international observation of Jewish atrocities against civilians.

Car bomb attacks have been a Mossad signature in Lebanon for years, and from the Lavon affair it has been a Jewish tradition to commit crimes and blame them on enemies of Israel.  Hariri, Wissam Eid, and Samer Shehadeh (who, living in Canada, would be an obvious source for the CBC) were all attacked by large car bombs (and the CBC attack on Wissam al-Hassan looks like Israeli revenge for the very successful Lebanese operation to arrest Israeli spies in Lebanon).  Playing up the role of Wissam Eid and making him a Lebanese national hero is another obvious attempt to divide Lebanese opinion.

The entire Mehlis investigation was a crock from the beginning, with the bungling frame-up of Syria immediately replaced by a shabby frame-up of Hezbollah (with the CBC PR exercise intended to make old information look new:  Ben Ryan:  "But this story is being peddled, not investigated."), leaving aside the only obvious culprit.  The Americans have provided oodles of money to endure they get the right result.

Note that Daniel Bellemare's personal coat of arms contains a subtle - part will be hidden behind the crest - but unmistakable stylized Star of David (a blue triangle and a yellow triangle, although not completed - perhaps he gets the whole thing when he delivers the report).
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