Sunday, November 28, 2010

The start of an avalanche

Publishing this cable alone should be enough to disprove any Zionist control behind Wikileaks.  The head of Mossad talking candidly in 2007 about plans to manage Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, plans which we've seen from recent machinations over the Hariri investigation are still underway today.

I know from the point of view of a conspiracist a lot of the revelations seem old hat, but from the point of view of standard history /political science, revealing the mechanics of the sausage making is revolutionary.  A lot of these cables would never been seen by historians, or at the very least would require decades of waiting before release.  Thus is the official historical record managed by those in power.

When I see people saying Wikileaks is itself a conspiracy, probably a Zionist one (needless to say), I see American imperialists very nervous about the collapse of the American Empire.  What kind of Empire can't even keep its own secrets?  Who is going to talk candidly to American diplomats now, knowing that his or her words may appear on the front page of the New York Times or even some reputable publication six months from now?  The Wikileaks leaks are part of the amazing acceleration of the collapse of Empire.
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