Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"The Phantom Left" by Chris Hedges:
"The loss of a radical left in American politics has been catastrophic. The left once harbored militant anarchist and communist labor unions, an independent, alternative press, social movements and politicians not tethered to corporate benefactors. But its disappearance, the result of long witch hunts for communists, post-industrialization and the silencing of those who did not sign on for the utopian vision of globalization, means that there is no counterforce to halt our slide into corporate neofeudalism. This harsh reality, however, is not palatable. So the corporations that control mass communications conjure up the phantom of a left. They blame the phantom for our debacle. And they get us to speak in absurdities.

The phantom left took a central role on the mall this weekend in Washington. It had performed admirably for Glenn Beck, who used it in his own rally as a lightning rod to instill anger and fear. And the phantom left proved equally useful for the comics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who spoke to the crowd wearing red-white-and-blue costumes. The two comics evoked the phantom left, as the liberal class always does, in defense of moderation, which might better be described as apathy. If the right wing is crazy and if the left wing is crazy, the argument goes, then we moderates will be reasonable. We will be nice. Exxon and Goldman Sachs, along with predatory banks and the arms industry, may be ripping the guts out of the country, our rights—including habeas corpus—may have been revoked, but don’t get mad. Don’t be shrill. Don’t be like the crazies on the left."
"Interpreting Jon Stewart's Politics"

Jon Stewart is far, far more dangerous than a clown like Beck.

The oppressors who promote phony victimhood so they can kill people and steal their land aren't even trying anymore (my emphasis in red):
"A petrol bomb which was thrown towards a brand-new synagogue in Germany hit a tree and did no damage, police said Sunday.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle condemned the late Saturday incident as a "despicable act" and called on police to find the culprits, saying in a written statement, "anti-Semitism can have no place in our society."

Police said a type of Molotov cocktail was thrown towards the futuristic building, but burned out under a tree outside the synagogue compound."
"9/11 All Over Again? Israeli's Spying in and Around US Military Airports"
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