Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Wikileaks doubters

Walt on Wikileaks:
". . . the big story in the early releases - at least as highlighted in the Times - seems to be the combination of the clear U.S. obsession with Iran and the fact that some Arab leaders expressed great concern about the prospect of an Iranian bomb.  It was as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow that hard-line advocates of doing whatever it takes to stop an Iranian bomb would immediately seize upon the initial releases to buttress their case, but the documents don't actually support that conclusion. As Andrew Sullivan points out, the same people who routinely dismiss Arab calls for a different U.S. policy on the Israel-Palestinian peace process are now suddenly convinced that these same Arab leaders are pillars of wisdom. In any case, it is hardly a revelation to learn that some Gulf rulers would a) prefer a non-nuclear Iran, and b) would prefer it if the United States did the heavy lifting and bore the onus of taking care of this problem. It would be astonishing if they thought any other way.

But the crucial question all along has been how to address that issue, and here these releases show some ambivalence. There is hardly a consistent chorus of voices telling the United States to go ahead and bomb the place. Some leaders seem inclined in that way; others much less so. I've heard other senior Arab and Muslim officials say that it would be a calamity if we did."
Remember also that Arab rulers know that the United States is under full ZOG, and thus know that talking about an attack on Iran is what American diplomats will want to hear.

It is really not worth continuing to argue against the silly notion that Wikileaks is some kind of Zionist operation - a belief held by those who believe in controlled demolition but not in climate change! - but you should note the evidence of ZOG in the tone and content of the cables.  American diplomats can slag Berlusconi, Putin, and even members of the British Royal Family, but even the slightest hint of criticism of the Jews, even in secret cables read only by other diplomats, would be the end of a career.  The reason why Israel fares relatively well in the leaks is the bias in the original documents caused by ZOG.

"The (old) news from wikileaks so far – The US is Israel’s greatest enabler"  American international diplomacy is the tail, Israel is the dog.

The Jew-controlled media is going to spin and lie.  It is what they do.  Note the stories that North Korea supplied Iran with long range missiles (ha!:  "At the request of the Obama administration, the New York Times has agreed not to publish the text of the cable."), and the story that Iran uses the Red Crescent to smuggle spies and weapons into war zones ("according to a well-placed Iranian source who spoke to US diplomats"), both based on the completely unsubstantiated beliefs expressed in cables. Believe me, if Iran had missiles capable of hitting Europe, we would have heard about it! The constant lies of the Jew-controlled media can't be blamed on Wikileaks.  Or, "the real danger of WikiLeaks’s otherwise important work: in the absence of intelligent and unbiased analysis, the material can be manipulated into war propaganda."

"Assange in the Entrails of Empire":
"On board the good ship Megaleaks, I leaf through the latest reports from the front line. There seem to be three main themes, all of which are centered on our plucky hero, Julian Assange. There is the  “traitor” theme (which shrouds a globalist empire in patriotic colors), the “rapist” theme (in which a spurned lover is revenged upon our hero because he failed to produce a contraceptive device at the critical moment), and finally there is the “Zionist plot” theme (which is oddly tied up with the rape theme since one of his accusers has absconded to Israel). As in all well-designed disinformation campaigns, there is something for everyone: conservatives can jump on board with the traitor theme, liberals are fans of the rape theme, and the lunatic fringe can get excited about another Zionist plot. Let’s do our best to liberate the enslaved name of “Zion” from the apartheid state and restore it to where it belongs: the good ship Megaleaks and the spotlight of truth. It is simply too good a name to leave to Zionists."
and (the Swedes aren't even competent stooges!):
"The files reveal some brazen cases of interference. Many of the most recent are connected to Iran, which has become an obsession within the US leadership. For instance, just before the speech of President Ahmadinejad at the UN General Assembly, the State Department ordered the Europeans to leave the room at a certain cue. In fact, the European powers did jump to the US whistle that day, just as the obedient soviet satellites once leapt to Stalin’s tune. There was only one country that violated the order: Sweden. The terrified representative had accidentally missed the cue and frantically sent distressed signals to the Americans for further instruction."
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