Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mark Madoff suicide?

Does anyone believe Mark Madoff committed suicide?  They say what a monster he must have been to off himself with his 2-year-old son in the next room, but I think that proves it wasn't suicide.  Supremacists look after their own.  If you see the Madoff scheme as a way of funneling billions of stolen money into Israel (and billions and billions and billions of dollars are completely unaccounted for), the timing of the Mark Madoff death makes sense.  Nobody else in the family has said anything (Bernie took the whole weight and went to jail in an attempt to stymie an investigation), and the trustee was finally coming after Mark.  If it was feared that Mark would spill the beans, it was necessary for him to die.  I don't know what floor he was on, but maybe it was too low to throw him out the window.

The trustee was also going after Sonja Kohn (it appears that they have mistakenly used pictures of Dame Edna in all the articles).  She seems to have gone into hiding:  "With Russian oligarchs as clients, she might have reason to be afraid."  "Mrs. Kohn owned a home until about a year ago in Monsey, N.Y., an ultra-orthodox community about an hour north of Manhattan, but has recently spent more time in Europe."  "In recent years, Sonja Kohn traveled constantly to Milan, Zurich, London, Israel and New York. . . "  Mark no doubt knew way too much about the whole scheme and a lot of powerful people.  "Investors on Sunday said Mark Madoff's death will make it harder to find answers to how many people knew of the fraud."  He had to go.
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